Testimonials for A. Lincoln-God's Humble Instrument
By: Ron L. Andersen
"A. Lincoln God's Humble Instrument" is a marvelous revelation as to the spiritual depth of Lincoln's mortal tenure and his unconquerable faith and vision for both, a Nation and his own ethos.  Ron L. Andersen's voluminous research reminds us not only of the nonpareil statesmen that the "railsplitter" was but a reminder as to the rational place for worship and religion in public service--and for that matter, all walks of life." 

-Todd J. Christensen, TV Sportscaster for NCAA Football and former NFL Pro Bowl selection 

"Ron L. Andersen has, through comprehensive research, written a book that chronicles the life of Abraham Lincoln, highlighting the spiritual facets of Lincoln’s persona, from his very humble upbringing to his unparalleled Presidency of the United States during the Civil War.  Evident in Mr. Andersen’s analysis was that, while Lincoln was not a member of any church, he maintained a deep devotion and belief in God, upon which he relied for guidance in the sometimes ponderous decisions he made throughout his life.  Additionally, Mr. Andersen has shown that Lincoln believed that he was led by God in writing the Emancipation Proclamation, and that he would not abandon it, regardless of intense political pressure.  I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in understanding how and why Lincoln relied on God’s guidance through a crucial time in history, leading to a change in the moral fiber of the nation."

- James R. Orwin, Fredricksburg, VA
"I'm sure there must be hundreds of biographies of Abraham Lincoln out there, and many of them talk about his values, his virtues, his spirituality, and his soul. So what makes this book different? It talks about his belief that God had a mission for him to perform, and his almost prophet-like approach to accomplishing that mission.

The author shows how Lincoln made his decisions based on what he felt God wanted him to do, even  though he kept an open White House and allowed any and everyone to come and tell him what they thought he should do.  He spoke many times of his belief that God could end the war, and yet had not, so there must be a purpose in the war. He acknowledged that both sides prayed to the same God and believed that their cause was just, and he contended that both were probably wrong because of the evils both sides were willing to tolerate in order to continue in the ways they were going. Lincoln asserted that the purpose of the war might be to cleanse America of the evils of white supremacy, mobocracy, slavery, racism, and religious bigotry--that it was God's refining fire.He freed the slaves only when he could find a legal way to do it, and that came with his war powers which allowed him to confiscate property for the war effort. The "property" he confiscated were the slaves, and the resulting thousands of African-American soldiers helped win the war and preserve the Union.

This book is a powerful exploration of not only the goodness of this man of integrity and honor, but also of his desire to submit to the will of God in all he did.

Lincoln came at a time when we needed someone who was willing to submit humbly to God's will, and he helped the country through the refiner's fire. What a difference it would have made if he had not dared to step forward and speak out. This is a book for anyone who worries about the evils we now find ourselves slipping into, for those who need encouragement to step forward themselves, and to speak out, according to God's will."

-Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury, The Association for Mormon Letters
"I am a few pages from completing my reading of A Lincoln Humble Servant of God. I love it. Well written. Highly interesting and informative. Makes this great President monumental in his contributions in the hand of God in preserving our union and our liberties. I have talked the book up to relatives and friends and will continue to do so. Thank you for the quarterly letter."

-​Richard McMillan
​ Layton, Utah