Ron L . Andersen  recently retired with the LDS Church as a career development consultant for individuals in the U.S. and Latin America.

He is author of three books on Abraham Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln-God’s Humble Instrument (2010) and Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Smith, How Two Contemporaries Changed the Face of American History (May 2014). This second book reveals the remarkable religious and political similarities of Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Smith and their dramatic impact on our nations history. His third book just released in January 2016 is written for young readers, ages 7-14 entitled Ingenious Abe.

Ron is the founder and president of the Lincoln Leadership Society and has been an engaging speaker to audiences throughout the country. He is a regular speaker at BYU Education Week on these topics. He recently served on the Young Men General Board of the LDS Church. Married to Kathleen Brown, they are parents of five children and ten grandchildren and reside in Bountiful.