Abraham Lincoln- God's Humble Instrument
By: Ron L. Andersen
Can one man forever change the direction of a nation?  He can if he is Abraham Lincoln.  From a very early age, Lincoln had a reputation for being a truly good and honest person, with an unconventional spirituality that set him apart from others.  Everyone who knew him was also aware of his hatred toward slavery and all that it represented within his nation. 

​​Ron L. Andersen takes us on a journey through the life and times of Lincoln before and during the Civil War.  We learn of Lincoln's relationship with God and how he came to believe that he was an instrument in the hands of God, called upon to end slavery and solidify a promised nation once and for all.  Never before has there been more of an opportunity to see who Abraham Lincoln, the man, was and how he chose to live.  It is as if we are seeing directly into his soul.

"I see the storm coming and  I know [God's] hand is in it.  If he has a place for me , and I believe he does, I am ready.  With His help I cannot fail."  
-Abraham Lincoln

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​Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Smith

One led our country through the Civil War and out of slavery.  The other founded a religious movement that is currently the nation's fastest growing Christian denomination.  So what could Abraham Lincoln and Joseph Smith possibly have in common?  According to Lincoln Leadership Society president Ron Andersen, more than you would think.

Besides both being hardworking and hardly educated, Lincoln and Smith also help surprisingly comparable and unpopular views on slavery and the nature of God.  But the most striking similarities between the two men are uncovered in historical records in Illinois, where each was living and gaining critical momentum in the 1840's. You'll see new sides to these important historical figures as you discover Smith's stance on the abolition movement or Lincoln's vouch for the Mormon vote.

Find out how two young "backwoods" boys crossed paths and led parallel lives before each was martyred for his cause in this exhaustively researched dual biography.​​​​
By: Ron L. Andersen
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Ingenious Abe
Written By: Ron L. Andersen
Illustrated By: Jay Fontano​
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Perfect for young readers, these entertaining stories teach courage in fighting the unpopular fight, determination to press through trials with strength, and most important, how using creativity and ingenuity can lead to victory.

Did you know that Abe practiced writing by drawing in the snow and on a shovel?  Or that he was hired as a store clerk for his quick thinking and honesty?  Or that he taught himself how to be a lawyer out of a book he discovered in a barrel?  Whether he was saving cargo boats on a river or a nation bent upon destroying itself, Abe's creative thinking, integrity, and get-it-done attitude set him apart as a man among men-a true hero for all ages.​​