​​​What a great experience we had learning about the religious and political similarities of Abraham Lincoln and the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith.  

We were able to visit historical sites of interest to Latter-day Saints and Lincoln admirers: Springfield, New Salem State Park, Quincy, Nauvoo, Carthage, Monmouth, and Knox College

Thanks to The Mormon Heritage Association and those who were able to join us.
​We hope to be able to offer this again next year. 

Lincoln & The Early Mormon in Illinois Tour
Sponsored by the Mormon Heritage Association

The original keys of the Nauvoo Temple preserved in an osbsure museum in Quincy, Illinois.

The Nauvoo Temple. So impressive at night.

Lincoln's desk in his Springfield, Illinois home.
Young Abe Lincoln's store in New Salem State Park, Illinois.
Banks of the Mississippi where the exiled Saints from Missouri were so kindly received by the good citizens of Quincy, Illinois.
Exact replica of Lincoln's casket.