Abraham Lincoln, 
God's Humble Instrument

Written by: Ron L. Andersen
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The Lincoln Leadership Society is a group of men and women who admire Abraham Lincoln. We are dedicated to incorporating his unique leadership capabilities into our own lives to benefit our families, our communities and our careers.

Our newsletter, The Lincoln Letter, reviews, analyzes and discusses Lincoln's leadership traits and how we can incorporate them into our own lives and circumstances. Through his experiences we discover the traits and principles he employed to address many situations. It then suggests ways that we too can implement these same Lincoln attributes.

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Past  Lincoln Presentations:

​BYU-Provo Education Week
2008- to present

BYU-Idaho Education Week

Salt Lake City Rotary

​​J. Reuben Clark Law Society​

​​Davis County Republican Party Lincoln Dinner

​Cache County Republican Party Lincoln Dinner

​South Davis Family History Fair

​Sons of Utah Pioneers Bountiful, UT


2014 Lincoln & the Early Mormons in Illinois

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Abraham Lincoln and
Joseph Smith​​​

The Lincoln Leadership Society
Written by: Ron L. Andersen
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Ron Andersen's newest book has just been released entitled Ingenious Abe.

An enjoyable gathering of stories from Lincoln’s youth and Presidency for young readers ages 8-14.

In an age where our children are bombarded by imaginary, fictitious heroes, Abraham Lincoln stand as a true and God fearing hero for all time.

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